Hair Extensions

Have a big event coming up? Perhaps a “trim” has gone a bit awry?  Why not get hair extensions?  I use the best quality hair extensions that will have people flooding you with compliments on your new hair.

My service includes both types of hair extensions.  The artificial hair extensions come in many colors, varying hair types and lengths.  I also offer natural hair extensions, with the same amount of variety.  Made of real human hair, and only the best, I ensures that the natural hair extensions are top tier.  Both the artificial and natural hair extensions will leave you wonder why you did not get them sooner.

In addition, the treatment you receive will be the best that you might find in all of Albuquerque.  As a skilled hairstylists, I will ensure that the extensions are natural looking and blended seamlessly in your own hair.  My prices are fair and reasonable, so that you will not have regrets about getting the hairstyle of your dreams!   I also can style wigs for you.  Come see me and have the best hair in Albuquerque.

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