Hair Color Correction

Perhaps your highlights didn’t turn out exactly the way you wanted.  Maybe you didn’t get the exact shade of auburn you were looking for. Correcting your hair coloring mistake is only one easy appointment away.

Living in Albuquerque can sometimes leave you feeling like you cannot find the same quality hair treatment you see in larger cities like Los Angeles or New York.

The service I provide. defies this idea!  My hair color correction, especially, will leave you questioning whether or not you are still in New Mexico. I have the best hair color correction Albuquerque has to offer.

Visit me at Salon 47, and I’d be more than happy to walk you through the process.  I’d give you the best advice on your unique situation.

I can discuss cost, and of course, set up an appointment.  In addition, the hair color corrector leaves your hair feeling silky and natural, unlike other products that will leave it brittle and straw-like.

Get the hair color you want, and more importantly, the hair color you need!  Feel better about your hair, and more importantly, yourself.  With my years of experience, I can give you the best possible results with the hair color correction.

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